Custom Product Development

Your custom formula is easier to build than you may think. Whether you’re a doctor who wants a specific amino acid profile, a gym owner looking to increase profits, or an established brand distributed all over the world with a formula you need to have reverse engineered, we have a solution for you!  We are experts are building formulas that meet your budget, nutritional, and taste requirements. We know its easier to speak to a person than to fill out forms so simply give us a call and we will place you with one of our highly trained sales representative and we will begin the process of developing your products.

Once we define your product needs together, you will receive a product proposal package consisting of a price quote (valid for 15 days), customized nutrition facts (after initial deposit), and product samples for your approval (after initial deposit). after the first round of samples we will offer 3 rounds of product optimization to tailor your ingredient and flavor profile to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your product specifications.

We maintain a variety of ingredients, flavors, sweeteners, and supplements in our warehouse stock at all times. If you are seeking to create a formula that requires an ingredient that we do not stock, your account manager will inform you of the lead time and minimum order necessary to source and stock your custom ingredient. Keep in mind that any ingredient can be sourced and we have developed numerous specialty flavors, proprietary blends, and unique flavor profiles based on our clients specific needs.


Powder Blending 

we specialize in dry powder blending and have experience manufacturing many forms of food and health supplements. regardless of if you are looking for a high protein powdered beverage, pancake mix, powdered sport drinks or even Hot cocoa, we are built to meet your needs.

soft gels .jpg


With our relationships and business partners we are able to bring you a variety of soft gels product at very resonable minimums.



With low minimums for private label products and minimums as low as 500 units for custom products we are your one stop shop for all things encapsulated.